You have a legal period of 14 clear days from the delivery of your order to make your return.
Only the so-called standard products (model, colour and size) offered on the online shop can be the subject of a refund or exchange request.

Personalized and/or custom-made orders cannot be the subject of any exchange or refund request.


The returned product(s) must be in original condition and unused.
You will need to include your contact details and order number in the package if you know them.

Upon receipt of the package, L' willATELIER judge the perfect condition of the returned goods. No returns will be accepted if the returned products have been visibly used or damaged by the buyer and that this use or damage makes the product(s) unfit for sale. L'ATELIER undertakes to reimburse the totality of the sums paid if the return complies with the terms previously mentioned.


Beyond the legal deadline, you will have to contact us
Email: [email protected]
Phone +33 (0) 66828364 - +30 6970040798


In order to facilitate the processing of your request for exchange or refund, all requests must be made by email or telephone before returning the items.

You will be able to return goods via mail with a tracking number.

Include in the return package :

  • Your full contact details ;
  • Copy of your invoice or internet order number;
  • References of the desired item(s) in exchange or refund request.


L’atelier 1935 sandal backs

agora Parikia

84400 PAROS



In the context of an exchange request and if there is a difference in price, our customer advisors will contact you in order to offer you a method of payment provided for in the article "Secure Payments" or its refund.

The processing and shipping time is 10 days excluding weekends.

All urgent requests (weddings, ceremonies, gifts, holidays...) or with a delivery window to be respected must be reported to our customer service. We will do our utmost to reduce our delivery time.


Refunds will be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the returned items. The mode of refund will be the one used at the time of the order.

Within the framework of the exercise of the right of retraction, the refund will be of the totality of the sums paid (transport costs included).